Choosing the best type of memorial for the deceased is a personal and profound endeavour. It pays tribute to a life that once lived joyfully and marked an enduring journey of love and remembrance. During this stage, the specialised knowledge of a headstone monument company that offers memorial headstones in Hull.

The experts realise the depth of emotions and weight of the decision that comes to mind while choosing the right material for the deceased. Since the professionals have worked for many years, they have faced several clients’ questions before choosing the memorial headstones.

Clients look for clarity to make an informed decision that reflects the essence of their loved ones. Keep reading to find out the common questions clients ask before ordering a memorial headstone.

Questions Every Client Asks Before Choosing a Headstone

  • How Big Should The Monument Be?

One of the major decisions to make is the size of the memorial. The dimension of the monument is not always arbitrary. The size depends upon the combination of choice and external rules. The size should match the person to whom headstone is dedicated.

Besides, the amount of information you want to give on the monument always affects the size of the memorial. Some families look for epitaphs and intricate designs, whereas some want to give quotes.

  • Does Colour Matters In the Headstone?

Colour is not just the aesthetic part of the memorials but also plays an important role in various aspects of memorial crafting. The colour is very vital in terms of pricing and engraving. Colour can impact the method of clarity and engraving. The light colours need specific processes to ensure the inscriptions are prominent on the headstone.

  • What Affects The Price Of Memorial Headstones?

Many factors influence the price of the headstone. A large or thick monument with more details and engraving requires a higher price than a small monument.

The colour is an important factor when considering the price. Some granite shades are rare and need to be sourced from other locations; hence, the cost is higher. Custom shapes of the headstones also have an impact on their price. If you add accessories like custom images, bases, flower vases, or letters, each will add to the price.

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