Amulet of Ashes: Handcrafted Artisan & Memorial jewellery

Amulet of Ashes specialises in crafting exquisite handmade artisan and memorial jewellery that encapsulates the essence of your memories and emotions. Our pieces are more than mere adornments; they are timeless treasures celebrating life, love, and remembrance.

Come Visit Our Showroom At 302 Southcoates Lane, Hull, HU9 3TN           

About Sam, founder of Amulet of Ashes

My name is Sam and I specialise in handmade Artisan & Memorial Jewellery.

In my jewellery, I encapsulate human cremation ashes, animal cremation ashes, human hair & animal fur. I also encapsulate, soil, fabric, breastmilk & other DNA such as animal teeth & feathers.

To add extra beauty and sparkle to my jewellery, I can add pigment, opals, shells, Metallic silk, glass and pressed flowers.

My items are handmade from top quality Sterling Silver & Metals. The resin is made from non-toxic materials and cures to a glass-like state, making it highly durable. The resin is also UV protected and does not yellow over time(trailed & tested. Guaranteed)

I aim to make my jewellery affordable for all. I also tailor my jewellery to the customer. Therefore, if there is something specific a customer is wanting, I will try my absolute best to make it possible. Whether it requires me to smith it myself from top quality silver/gold, or send it away to be casted by my silversmith/goldsmith. We will get the job done!

My creations are handmade. The stones are carefully crafted, and the encapsulates are carefully sculpted & placed. So much love, care and respect is put into my work. Any remaining DNA(except breastmilk) will be returned along with your purchase.

A Sample Of Our Products

A larger range of designs is available on request