Making a headstone to honour your loved one after death can feel too overwhelming. The task of choosing the best element for a memorial headstone design is difficult, considering there are lots of choices available.

Mainly when you are emotionally struggling, creating a heartfelt representation of your close one’s life is good for reducing stress.

Here are some of the granite headstone colour options explained. Before you choose Granite memorials in Hull, you can decide the colour of the headstone first.

Granite Headstone Colours and Varieties to Check

Granite is the favourite material for headstones. Granite is known for its qualities. This stone has an impressive lineage and is one of the oldest stones available. It has exceptional durability, and it withstands the test of time.

This stone originates from the natural fusion of minerals and rocks in volcanic magma. Granite stone is available in various colours and textures. Each type of granite slab has a distinct character for the different distribution of minerals and rocks. Hence, every granite memorial looks different.

  • Barre Gray Granite

The cool grey hue reflects the sense of serenity and tranquillity. It perfectly suits individuals who have a calm and composed lifestyle.

  • Jet Black Granite

From the name, the Jet Black granite reflects a deep, rich and black hue that radiates a pure sense of power. Its smooth, reflective surface makes a contrasting effect paired with engravings and decorations. It is the best colour for etching pictures on the headstone.

  • Dakota Mahogany Granite

This option showcases deep, red and rich brown hues with subtle variations and detailed patterns. It has the allure and warmth of a mahogany wood texture. This granite stone’s intricate pattern and variations give a sense of individuality and character.

  • Erin Green Granite Stone

 The Erin Green granite gives a sense of natural attraction and vitality. The rich green symbolises renewal, growth and a deep connection with the atmosphere. It is one of the best choices for memorising individuals who have a vibrant spirit.

  • Blue Pearl Granite

The main attraction of this granite stone is the striking combination of deep blues, silver and grey. This stone reflects a shimmering ocean and starry night sky. This beautiful granite stone evokes a sense of depth and serenity.

  • Bahama Blue Granite

The Bahama blue granite is one of the most stunning stones with a rich appearance. This stone variety features a deep blue background with detailed patterns of silver and grey hues. 

These are some granite headstone colours you can choose for your loved one’s memorial. Choose the colour that suits the personality of the loved one. BESPOKE MEMORIALS, the best memorial masons based in Hull, offers bespoke memorials and headstones as per the demand. Get in touch with us to know more about our services.