Angel memorials are everlasting symbols of hope, love, protection and memories. They are also defining markers to commemorate the lives of cherished individuals. These ethereal archetypes have transcended many cultures and histories. These gravestones in the Hull are the perfect shrine to pay homage to the memory of your loved ones. In this blog, we will delve into the characteristics of these memorials and their timeless appeal.

What are Angel Memorials?

An angel memorial is essentially a headstone adorned with the image of an angel. They are usually made from marble, granite, and sandstone. They offer a robust range of options. Moreover, they come in a wide array of personalisation.

The History of the Angel Memorials

In Christianity, angels stand as the symbols of divine messengers. They are meant to bestow protection and guidance. In Islam, angels play a crucial role as messengers in the afterlife. In a general sense, angels stand for protection and guidance and offer solace and hope.

Angel memorials witnessed a surge in popularity during the Victorian era. There is a specific reason for it. This period is marked by a high rate of mortality for infants. And this, in turn, prompted the grieving parents to erect angel memorials as testaments to the lost children. It came to ever-increasing prominence during the First and Second World Wars as a lasting testimony to mourning. From then on, the angel memorials have become a permanent sign in the mind of the collective unconscious. It helps people grapple with profound loss and uncertainty.

Why Should You Choose an Angel Memorial?

There are many compelling reasons behind the everlasting popularity of the angel memorials:

  1. The Symbolism: Angel memorials are a deeply symbolic way of paying reverence to the lives of loved ones.
  2. Beauty: It helps preserve the honour and beauty of your loved one in a sensationally poignant way.
  3. Personalisation: Anngel’s memories can be designed and customised in many different styles, reflecting the belief system and the interests of the deceased.

Do you want to honour your bygone beloved in a way that is deeply respectful and as well as a worthy commemoration? Angel memorials could be the fitting elegy in this case. Reach out to Bespoke Materials, the leading provider of gravestones in Hull, and we can help you enshrine the memories of your loved one in poignant and meaningful ways.