As a parent, losing a child’s an awful experience. After this significant loss, many find it difficult to talk about the incident. They want to express their feelings by memorialising their lost child with headstones in Hull. Designing a children’s headstone is too personal and can also have exceptional meaning. Even though the grieving process is painful and strenuous, choosing a memorial for your child might provide mental strength. Today, in this blog, we will help you understand how to build an anchor for your child with a custom headstone.

What Should You Know About Choosing a Children’s Headstone?

Before you design a headstone for your child, you must know that most people prefer something smaller than a regular one. This depends completely on you as you can choose any size. 

Children’s headstones in the UK are commonly found in a particular cemetery section. Moreover, they are adorned with specific accessories, like teddy bears or toy blocks. 

Depending on the company you rely on for memorial headstones in Hull, you can select between granite, bronze or concrete headstones. The type of material you choose also depends a lot on the design and the accessories you would love to have.

Type of Headstone

There are a wide range of headstones for you to choose from. You can select from the following:

  • Upright Headstones

One of the most commonly used headstones, they sit on a granite base. They are extremely popular because they are easily visible from a distance.  

  • Pillow Headstones 

These come with sloped headstones that sit on a granite base. This can be designed on three sides – the top, front and back.  

  • Flat Headstones 

As the name implies, these headstones sit on the ground. They can only be designed on the headstone’s top and are affordable. 

  • Boulders

You can see these at a private residence or a cremation garden. To design this type of headstone, you can opt for sandblasting or a bronze plaque tied up with the boulder. 

Accessories and Designs You Can Add 

Some of the most commonly used designs for children’s headstones in the UK include a guardian angel watching over the resting place or sleeping cherubs. There are also other designs, such as teddy bears, lettered blocks or toy cars. 

You can also make the headstone more personal by adding black and white or coloured dura photos. 

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