Everyone wants to choose the best headstone for their loved ones. But with so many options available, you might get confused. However, most people prefer granite for memorialising their loved ones. You can also find a company for different gravestones in Hull. Let’s have a look at some key traits of granites that makes it a popular choice.

Why is Granite Most Preferred For Headstones?


Granite is a natural material that can stand extreme weather conditions. They can stay in the best condition for decades as they’re less likely to chip or crack over time. Hence, you can ensure that the memorials of your loved ones remain beautiful looking. Besides, granite memorials have the least chance of being stolen because they have no salvage.

Different Colour and Design Options:

This is another feature that makes granite excellent. You can choose from various designs and colours. Granite is quarried in different locations throughout the globe, each with its distinct pattern. So, you can select a headstone reflecting your loved one’s interests and personality. Whether you’re looking for a simple or intricate design, you cannot go wrong with granite.

Low Maintenance:

Granite doesn’t require much maintenance, and it can last for years with minimal upkeep. Other materials may require frequent sealing, but granite just needs occasional cleaning to maintain its aesthetics. Hence, they are suitable for families looking for beautiful and low-maintenance material.


You can easily customise granite headstones for engravings, designs, epitaphs or etching. So, if you wish to include a unique tribute in the memory of your loved one, this stone is the best. Some people include religious symbols, special quotes, sculptures etc, on the headstone. You can create endless unique variations with this natural material.


Considering its incredible benefits, many might think that granite is an expensive stone. But that’s not true. This material is cost-effective, and you don’t need to empty your bank. And what can be better than getting such a durable material at a pocket-friendly price?

The tight and interlocking structure makes granite a tough material. This makes it difficult for water to penetrate, eventually making it resistant to fungal and algal growth. Bespoke Memorials offers excellent gravestones in Hull. You can count on us with new memorials, additional work and other services for memorial restoration. Book an appointment with us today, or check our website for more information.