How To Choose a Memorial Headstone in Hull?

A headstone is a common form of memorial used in the grave site. It is a piece of rock implanted on the ground over the grave to help everyone identify the identity of the individual buried inside the grave. But, with the help of headstones, you can humanise the dead. Some basic information like name, age, date of birth, date of passing, titles and special gratitudes are engraved on the memorial headstones.

If you plan a memorial headstone in Hull for your end of life beforehand, you must consider a few factors relative to the headstone construction.

Major factors to consider for memorial headstone installation


Regulations of the cemetery

Every cemetery has its own rules and limitations regarding headstones. These include the permitted materials, the style, and their precise measurements. So if you’re planning, check the regulations with the cemetery as well. There would also be specifications about custom headstones. Make sure the materials and the headstone will hold up well over time.

The durability of headstone materials

Your headstone’s endurance is one of the most crucial elements. It should not only be long-lasting but also remain visually appealing. This means that in addition to choosing a sturdy material, you must pay attention to how it is finished and installed. Your headstone’s finish has a significant impact on how it looks and how long it lasts.

Inscriptions and images to be used

What do you wish to have inscribed over the headstone? If you’re planning for yourself, you can have fine lines, an epitaph per your budget and the size of the headstone. However, you’ll be charged per letter and hence make sure that you enquire about the price for the same. If you’ve any special symbols or photos, research them and mention them to your family to get them designed on the memorial headstone.

Price of the headstone

How big of a memorial headstone do you want? Materials and size are two variables that can affect the price. For instance, choosing granite for your headstone rather than marble or limestone would be costly. Again, smaller headstones are more affordable than bigger ones. You can also get a better deal from a reputed local dealer. Before choosing the material, consider the price of future upkeep, fixes, and restorations.

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