When you lose someone near or close to your heart, you go through a hard time reminiscing about the memories you had with them. You may find it hard to bid the person a last goodbye. If they are your close kin or peers, you want to immortalise them in your memories.


The Concept of Personalised Gravestones:


To acknowledge the legacy and contributions of the person even after burial, you may try a helpful process. Try installing a personalised gravestone. It is a great way to deliver a message that keeps the person in everyone’s thoughts. The gravestones in Hull are also an outlet to celebrate their life.


Various Ideas for Personalising a Gravestone Design:


You may find various options to personalise the headstone of a grave. Among them, we discuss the most effective options for personalisation in the following section.


  • Colour: A gravestone is generally made of granite, which comes in various shades. To personalise this memorial, you may choose the colour of the stone. You may customise it accordingly. This is an effective way to acknowledge their choice for finer things. However, you must also know that the price of customised colour granite will differ from ordinary stones.


  • Designs and Photos: Thanks to the digital revolution, it is now possible to print designs and photographs on a stone. This will be immensely helpful when you prepare a gravestone for your loved ones. You can plan a design matching the shape of any object or belongings the person liked.


  • Epitaphs and Inscriptions: This is another memorable way to keep the departed alive in your thoughts. This practice remains one of the most popular ways to customise a gravestone. You can either inscribe a poem, a funny one-liner, or a simple phrase that the person used a lot in their conversation.


  • Symbols: This is a great design idea for gravestones of people passionate about any hobbies, specific sports or a film. You can etch the symbol on the monument to keep their favourite things closer to their residence, even when they pass away.


These are a few useful ideas for personalising the gravestones. If you want to get them from a well-known source, contact Bespoke Memorials. As the name suggests, we can provide you with multiple bespoke solutions for designing gravestones in Hull. For more information, you can visit our website today.